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REPORT: Real Madrid Prepared To Sell £49.2m Sergio Ramos?

El Pais Deportes are running a sensational story that claims Real Madrid were prepared to sell Sergio Ramos for a fee of £49.2m if United raised their offer – but say that Florentino Perez has in fact convinced the defender to sign a new contract, despite reports to the contrary that suggest such news is premature.

If true – and if the defender is yet to formally agree a deal, as no official announcement has been made – there may well be a twist to follow if United get wind of the scenario.


From El Pais (translated):

Sergio Ramos is ready to accept the latest proposal for renewal that has made Madrid. The figure, according to sources from the club’s board, is eight million net per season for five years over half a million premium for each Champions won. The offer, say people who participated in the contacts, made Florentino Perez, the club president, in an interview held in China last week. Attended by the player’s agent and brother, René Ramos, CEO and Corporate Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez. According to all parties expressed agreement is almost closed. Madrid now has what, in the words of a manager is the “ace of diamonds” in the negotiating strategy to sign David de Gea. The Whites leaders believe that Manchester United can no longer use to Ramos to close the door to his goalkeeper, who just contract in 2016 and already initialed an agreement with Madrid.

Madrid officials consulted ensure that the directive was going to sell if the player Ramos stressed out and the United raised its offer from 65 to 70 million euros. The rope was so tense that Florentino Perez was a surprise to find that he backed Ramos and wanted to negotiate. The president traveled to China because he felt it his duty to the membership was formalized an offer to a player of importance that could not sell without trying to retain. A player to which the policy, and the first president believed convinced to leave the club to play for United. So it had stated René Jose Angel Sanchez and they had moved to the media a month ago. According to these messages, the position of the player was adamant disagreement with the president was so insurmountable that neither a raise could repair it. But it was not what the top leaders of Madrid were found in China, as close to the president say people.

Club officials hoped that Ramos insisted that Manchester offers it for him to be heard. But according to the directive, it was the player himself who told Florentino Perez that he was open to the possibility of staying in Madrid. Then they made the offer of eight million net per year and Ramos, far from being irreducible, said he’d think and give an answer this week. He also demanded that the leaders who will protect against the most critical of the media sector. Jose Angel Sanchez encouraged him to sign and saying that finally culminate his dream of being the Madrid captain for many years. The mystique of the bracelet, in the opinion of the leaders fascinates Ramos.

The Palm version is different. The player ensures that the directive could not be allowed to sell up after Casillas unpopular, and that Florentino Perez told him he could only pass if the buyer paid the club buyout clause of 180 million euros. Ramos, who has two more seasons left on his contract, had asked for ten million euros net per season and the club had offered just over seven. Negotiations broke down in spring and the center announced a month ago through his brother and agent, Rene, who wanted to leave Madrid.

The announcement came after René opened a round of contacts with United to lay the groundwork for an eventual handover. The United took it very seriously and offered the player a five seasons at 12 million net, while at the Madrid put on the table more than 60 million. The directive Madrid also took seriously the Ramos brothers and began to ponder the transfer. The position of the center, and the need to accelerate the signing of De Gea, held by the United until the Madrid agreed to transfer to Ramos, opened the stage of barter.

Eager to close a commitment, according to a witness of the transactions, the United Ramos proposed the signing of a civil contract that guaranteed that the operation would, under penalty of compensation. René refused. United delegates that the brother of footballer assured them that men had only to say the word. It was not so. Now the United feel used. Stripped of the letter of Ramos and practically forced to pass to De Gea if Madrid paid a good amount. English club managers know that in January the Madrid could acquire rights to United goalkeeper unpaid because the player out of contract in June 2016. Receivable now between 30 and 40 million euros would be an excellent deal.


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