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REPORT: Sergio Ramos To Extend Real Madrid Contract

Well, well, well. We knew that today would be a pivotal day after Sergio Ramos and Florentino Perez met yesterday to discuss the player’s situation.

And the news coming out of Marca is that the meeting ended amicably with Perez putting an improved contract on the table for the defender who is Madrid’s new captain after the exit of Iker Casillas.

Manchester United are expected to switch their attention to Nicolas Otamendi and it seems as if Real Madrid have accepted that they will not sign David De Gea this summer.

Translated from Marca :

Sergio Ramos is now much closer to Real Madrid renew and continue in the White House to go to Manchester United, after yesterday’s most anticipated summer meeting of the Real Madrid was held in Guangzhou. The basis for the white captain see improved his contract and extend its links with Madrid are set. The agreement closer.

The meeting was two seats, four representatives. Side Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez, CEO. Side player Sergio Ramos himself and his brother and manager, René, a key element in this process and whose presence in China and made clear the willingness of the player to listen to the club. Sergio himself who was asked René that could travel to Guangzhou to try to break the deadlock.

The result of the encounter leaves open the door wide open to the renewal of Sergio Ramos. Among the talk, the ram made clear his anger at how they emerged from the club news or leaks that let in very bad place both he and his brother René. The player has always been particularly upset by this fact, recognized by JAS and Florentino, who have accepted the explanations of its player.

Ramos also stressed what he already said in late June in their contacts with the president and the CEO, that continuity was not dependent on an economic issue, that he had never claimed the club a specific figure salary, but you do feeling valued for everything given and livestock. Similarly he stressed his Real Madrid and his desire to retire in white, and he was not willing to suffer a continuous wear as tolerated by Casillas in recent seasons.

There was understanding among all, ready to move on to what happened before and start writing the next, the new captain of Real Madrid. In principle, the commitment is to resume, rather-around tour in Madrid, or to restart negotiations. Although we must not rule out that in China all René accelerate in the coming days, such is the level of entente achieved at the meeting, which eventually may be considered Guangzhou Peace.

The new salary Ramos will be key in the renovation, although, given the spirit shown at the meeting yesterday, all parties could compromise on their positions. Sergio has clear he wants to be valued based showed, compared with others who charge more than him without winning both. The border of the 10 million may begin to fade, without being an insurmountable wall.

Seville (Ramos), meanwhile, has been training, playing and because as first captain, representing Madrid in the summer tour in the same way that had renewed for months. He does not understand football and his commitment for the club otherwise. Perhaps that’s why he insisted on being valued as he thinks he deserves.

On the other hand, Florentino was forced to roll up to nip a problem that has been growing like a snowball in recent weeks. In fact, the main task of his trip to China has been to put out a fire that was in danger of spreading both to get out of control.

Over time, the president has been realizing that what we thought was just a tantrum had become a major problem. Publicly, he has always maintained that Sergio would continue at Real Madrid. In addition, the public cost of possible Palm goodbye the same summer that Iker Casillas would have meant a heavy toll for Florentino Perez and a loss of leadership for the white team.



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