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Retro Review: Sensible Soccer

In the vast landscape and timeline of football games coming and going in my household this was probably one of my favourites. I would likely sandwich it between FIFA International and FIFA 95, around this time anyhow. The Mega Drive again, this game took a completely different direction to any football games I have ever played before, football games were evolving and this was the most addictive of them all.

The gameplay was that of a bird’s eye view and the speed and the velocity at which you could run, pass and tackle meant you simply could not take your eyes of of this game for a split second as your attack would be broken down and possession lost. You could dribble, rather than kick the ball in front of you, you could shoot, from anywhere, literally… and score!

You could play friendlies, leagues and World Cups, it was so addictive, these tiny figures running around a pitch. Pitting yourself against the computer became a nuisance after a while as the computer’s AI was at times pretty terrible, midfielders standing still as you passed them and keepers standing at the wrong side of the goal as you hit your 30 yard screamer. The real fun however was the multi player action.

The game’s database was huge, you could be club or international teams and the greatest feature ever, at the time, the world of editing players had arrived. Nothing brings a game to life more than to be able to play as your heroes! My brother and I took this to a different level, every single premier league team, their strips and their squads perfected to their up to date squads. After a lifetime of tossing and controller back and forth, giving each other a break from the tedious work of masterminding the kits and players you were set. Let’s play!

Our very first game, full edit mode complete, not a spelling mistake made or player out of position, days of toil and sweat had came to a head. We were ready. It was Manchester United Vs Aston Villa. I lost 1-0. The fact that the only goal of the game was a usual Sensible Soccer-esque screamer wasn’t unusual, what made this special was that at kick off the score flashed up.. Manchester United 0-1 Aston Villa.. Savo Milosevic (17). Wow! The realism was realized. What we take for granted now with players names, attributes and profiles so lifelike was unheard of back then…Until this very moment that is. Now, marathon like sessions of this game were played. The wing wizardry of Ryan Giggs skilfully bombing down the left cutting in this way and that and firing off a shot. It wasn’t really Giggs, it was just another identical drone of all the others, no better or worse.. But the difference was now it actually was Giggs!

Remember Sensible Soccer here –


And the SNES version can be played here.


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