Retro United Podcast: Episode 138 | Manchester United News
Retro United Podcast: Episode 138

Retro United Podcast: Episode 138

The podcast, sponsored by RetroShirtCity and CoolKapz, is back to discuss a seismic couple of weeks at Old Trafford.

So, just a few things to discuss – the throwing away of a Champions League place, the winning of the FA Cup, the sacking of a manager and hiring of a new one. So much on the table for United legend Gordon Hill, social media manager Dave Murphy and host Wayne Barton to discuss, that there is no time in the 100 minutes (yes, we didn’t add an extra 0 in there) to discuss a bomb scare and a coach attack.


We are still running a competition on our RetroUnited Twitter page – when we get to 100,000 followers, we’ll be giving away a copy of the best-selling book ‘You Can’t Win Anything With Kids’.

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