Podcast Episode 102 | Manchester United News Podcast Episode 102

The podcast sponsored by 3in1 Football returns.

This week the panel is just United author Wayne Barton and columnist Darren Jennings as Gordon Hill was otherwise engaged.

Wayne and Darren look back over Monday’s draw at West Brom and discuss the ongoing problems with defence as well as the growing concerns about the visibility of Louis van Gaal’s ‘philosophy’.

The visit of Chelsea is discussed as well as the possibility of Marouane Fellaini’s presence, while the duo also consider United’s relationships with European clubs and hypothesise which is the strongest or most romantic.


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  1. martyp14

    RetroUnited good podcast, but think on our defence, we’ve been shipping goals in for the last 3 seasons even with rio vida Evra

  2. RetroUnited

    martyp14 thanks Martin. That’s a fair point. I think because we’ve criticised it our angle this week was to try and explain it from a more

  3. martyp14

    RetroUnited cheers, don’t disagree with what you said, just think it gets overlooked that we haven’t been steady for a while

  4. martyp14

    RetroUnited suppose it comes back to never really having the same back pairing, rio and vidic had a lot of injuries too

  5. RetroUnited

    martyp14 Yeah. To be fair I think we did talk about it quite a lot last season, we’ve had injury concerns / no stable backline for while

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