The Rooney, United, Glazer, Financial, Permeability Debate (Again) | Manchester United News

The Rooney, United, Glazer, Financial, Permeability Debate (Again)


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  1. ChrisW

    I think it’s only fair to mention Rooney and the club’s version of the events in 2010. Rooney refused to sign a new contract because he was concerned that the club, who had sold Ronaldo a year previously and had allowed Tevez to leave were not going to spend the money necessary to win trophies. And he was going to be the one star player, trying to carry the club, kind of like Best in the early seventies. Rooney also insisted that he would never have joined City and that going abroad was definitely an option and the club have said that the contract that Rooney did eventually sign was identical to the contract they had offered him a few months previously. Rooney, it is claimed, did not change his mind because he was offered more money but because he was assured, by the Glazers, that the lull in spending was temporary and the club would start spending more once they had their finances sorted out. A few months after this the Glazers announced that the infamous PIK loans had been paid off and net spending has been notably higher since”
    This may not be the truth of course. It may just have been about Rooney wanting more money. But we can’t assume that.
    In any case the incident damaged Rooney’s relationship with Ferguson and by 2013 Rooney wanted out (and I think Ferguson would have happily sold him had he stayed on). But Moyes knew he couldn’t start his new regime by losing such an iconic player and Rooney, who had now set his heart on a move to Chelsea was told he had to stay. Most of us assumed that Rooney had lost his enthusiasm for United and would not be signing a new contract. But he surprised us all by playing some of his best football for years and now he has signed a new deal. Personally I’m just really happy about that.

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