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Shinji Kagawa – the new Veron?


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  1. DaveWard1

    Players are human and humans are all unique. Kagawa may be the type who needs to feel wanted, needed or valued. Ever since his arrival he has been played out of position and has never been kept in the side long enough to feel secure and valued. Play him as an out and out ‘number 10’, ‘playmaker’, ‘behind the front 1 or 2’, in the hole or however you want to term it and he would be one of the best in the world. The club are totally annoying and bemusing the fans in the reluctance to do this. Why the hell did they buy him? Not as a winger but as the number 10..

  2. Kagawa Krew

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  3. philgatt

    DaveWard1 That’s where he used to fit in at Dortmund. One of the problems might be that while at Dortmund he had team-mates who read the game as well as him, and anticipated his passes well, it works differently at United, and apart from Van Persie we hardly have anyone who know where he’s going to release the ball to them, hence the ‘misplaced’ passes. 
    United have enough wingers (though they seem to be off-form often) to not need Kagawa there, and he is needed more in that creative midfielder role, as that’s where United are lacking mostly.
    I hope that it all works out, as he is a different class, and given time he can work his magic for United.

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