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Sing Up For Ryan Giggs


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  1. choccybrian

    MOYES is the one who needs to fuckoff. Hoe fucking dare he do that to Giggsy…silly cunt will b gone soon anyway…Get rid of Moyes, Giggs is an institution…FUCKOFF MOYES

  2. MoniqueTime

    vimbaaaai this makes so much sense. moyes needs to be out by the end of the season but i fear the wins might convince the board otherwise.

  3. WELLRED123

    dazjenno looks like you’re onto something there mate. I know who Id choose between Moyes and Giggs if it came to it:so would most fans.

  4. dazjenno

    WELLRED123 I know its hard online because so many claim to know stuff but this was a genuine source so I know its right sadly

  5. WELLRED123

    dazjenno well that is very sad then, especially if Giggs goes and Moyes stays! How much more damage can this guy do to the club?

  6. Reeeta

    Getting rid of giggs is a bad idea,his knowledge of the club is invaluable it would be as the saying goes throwing the baby out with the bath water.i thought r savage talking crap at weekend on football focus but after reading this I’d rather have giggs anyday.

  7. marcellswartz

    The squad were always going to try take-a-break from the
    rigorous routine SAF had them in. With the switch, Moyes knew this would happen
    and has failed to get the team performing, this clear after 47 line-up changes.
    After early knock-outs in all tournaments bar CL, the team (with limited
    exceptions) still seem to be choosing when to fire on more than only one
    cylinder. Without huge efforts required in different tournaments every few
    days, this lack of performance and discipline can’t be justified in any club,
    let alone Man United. Moyes is obviously not the right man for the job. The
    right one may also cause upsets in the dressing room, say the wrong thing on
    occasion, but will bring results – as
    contracted. The weird line-ups, subs etc. only point to management’s inability to
    utilise a winning squad or even stabilise the ship. Moyes has had a problem
    with Valencia and Evra from day one. They were key to last season’s success. He
    also made the choice to replace all-and-sundry with his own staff. That
    management must now bear the consequences of their failure.
    Whether Giggs, Van Gaal or Klopp… a change should at least
    bring strings of great results, instead of one-a-month, plus encourage a few
    quality players to come on board. I think Giggs already has the backing of the first team and the respect of any potential signings – GIVE HIM THE JOB!!!
    Should us die-hard Manchester United fans just
    hang-in and wait for the club to de-value, change ownership and management then
    totally re-build???

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