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STATS: Manchester United’s Entire Premier League History

STATS: Manchester United’s Entire Premier League History

Did you know that last year, the aggregated number of attendances Manchester United have played in front of in Premier League fixtures surpassed the total number of the UK population?

If you took the entire current population of Manchester, you would have to multiply it by 127 times before you came close to estimating the total number of spectators.

That’s just one of a staggering number of statistics revealed by the BBC.

United have scored more than a quarter of the goals in their entire history in the 23 seasons of the Premier League – while their next loss will bring an unwanted record of achieving their 1,500th loss in the top flight. United have played 880 games in the Premier League, losing just 134.

Tottenham have usually been welcome visitors to United, with their only wins in the Premier League coming in the 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons. The Reds reversed that trend with a comprehensive 3-0 win last year but even if today’s game doesn’t go to plan then Aston Villa – the club United have beaten most often their history, and Premier League history too, are the next opponents.

Based on their record since the Premier League began, the Reds are overdue a trophy win, too.

It may surprise readers to learn of the second most common nationality for a Man Utd player since the Premier League begun.
Give up?


That’s right, with 10 players, it’s more common than any other of the British Isles or Ireland than England.

These stats are by BBC and can be viewed here.

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