Talk Of The Devils Podcast: Episode Forty Three | Manchester United News

Talk Of The Devils Podcast: Episode Forty Three

After a short sabbatical due to other commitments, the podcast returns to discuss an eventful start to the season for Manchester United.

With the last episode coming shortly after the MK Dons defeat, there’s plenty to dissect – the final days of the transfer window, the state of the squad and also the results.


United legend Gordon Hill is joined by columnist Darren Jennings and author Wayne Barton to talk about the new signings, whether our defence is good enough, and the defeat to Leicester City.


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  1. Username

    Around the 30 minute mark regarding Blackett, what nonsense. He couldn’t get into the Blackpool side, is the basis for your argument? Players don’t peak at 20. There’s a difference between Championship and PL, Pique doesn’t cope that well with the physical side of the game and wasn’t that great when he did get games for us, is he not good enough? Players can improve from 20. You’re making so many assumptions on a player, youth only improve with a chance and games, yet your counting him out with only a few PL games. Baffling. I am not saying he will turn out to be a good player, he might fail at United but to just dismiss him like that, is ridiculous.
    Would be interested to see if there is a response to this. Generally I do enjoy these podcasts, the little anecdotes from Gordon, and normally the content is good, but sometimes, in quite a few podcasts, there is a strange narrow minded view.

  2. coverdale99

    3in1Football TalkOfTheDevils the only good thing about going to work today is listening to podcast cycling to work expecting a classic

  3. TalkOfTheDevils

    @Username Well, to be fair, that was because of a pointed question by me as host… I asked directly whether they thought he was good enough or not. Personally I have to say that I remain unconvinced from what I have seen. I was surprised that he was given the opportunity on tour ahead of Thorpe (although pre-season, that may well have been due to lingering concerns over Thorpe’s injuries from last season). I don’t think any of us are completely dismissive of him, aside from Darren who never sits on the fence on these matters. 

    To balance it, we spoke before the pod as we often do about what we will discuss. I put Mike Duxbury’s comments to Gordon about whether he thinks it will be a learning curve for Blackett and he said he hopes so. We all want him to come good and you’re right to say that at 20, development doesn’t stop (the list of players whose progression proves the point is long at United alone) but to speak personally, my own reservation is that he was an okay defender at other levels but never remarkable enough to think that he would be one to break through and command a place. However, if you listen to the pod as regularly as you suggest (and thanks!) you’ll also be aware that I always say that there are many cases of players seizing their opportunities.

    I would have to say that the narrow minded comment is a little harsh! You’ve got to remember that Gordon has worked in youth development for over twenty years and is very familiar with the United progression system, not just from his time as a player, but he was also used by MUTV as an analyst for the youth team after its launch and before he moved back to the US.

    Darren and I are simply fans and as I’ve said, Darren doesn’t hold back, I try as host to sit on the fence and ask hypotheticals. Sometimes those are intended to polarise in order to create discussion.

  4. devil_pete

    TalkOfTheDevils gordonhill54 Good stuff, will never agree with everything but then that’s the point. Let’s see what West Ham brings…

  5. TalkOfTheDevils

    devil_pete gordonhill54 Cheers Pete 🙂 Thanks for listening. We try and get some good talking points going there, debate is healthy

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