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Talking Points: West Brom Sucker Punch


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  1. Boingy

    @stu Back to the old format……All the talk was about how poor United were, and not that west brom played better on the day….Typical bias.
    But to be fair as long as everyone expects to beat West Brom that plays into our hands so I couldnt give a stuff ! We have a great team and a midfield to match anybody in this league what we dont have is a group of fair minded level platform thinkers in the top media jobs on our side.

  2. stu

    @Boingy  Completely agree as did Steve Clarke in his post match interview, although we actually recieved some credit on MOTD for a change! Amalfitano was superb as were many others but I hope we actually put up the money to buy him at the end of the loan spell!!
    Out of curiosity since it is a loan to buy is it possible for other teams to poach him?

  3. IwanLehnert

    Hi Stu, I can only speak for myself but given our record against you at home and the need do a reaction after the City game, I really didn’t expect United to lose yesterday. Full credit to you, though. Thought you deserved it.

  4. UTDfan

    Moyes shows his lack of tactical understanding and favoritism. He should not have played Rio , Jones and Carrick because…….Rio is now officially like Ryan Giggs an Invalid on the field, Jones can be played as a defensive midfielder cause he is good at mindless ruining but never any good at right back which needs some ball control and accurate crossing, whilst Carrick how should I put it……..he retards the midfield and does not provide service to the frontline. So who should have taken over, Fabio should have taken RB if Rafael is to be rested, Smalling should have take over from Rio, Celeverly or Felaini should have taken over from Carrick.
    All these English players especially Rio, Giggs and Carrick should be rested permanently.

  5. akash17

    Moyes look don’t panic with such pressure just remember one thing these player is the backborne of united the should not be replace in case if we are winning are rest them for big match. The player is
    rafael,vidic,evra in defences
    valencia,carrick in midfield
    rooney in attack.
    Rafael and valencia have great understanding they help each other both in attack and defences.
    For evra now you must know why sir alex play and used him every match and still looking for his suitable replacement which can match him despite fabio,buttner.
    For vidic he is the boss not ferdinand. Vidic you can pair him with evans,jones or who you want but he must not be bench or sub. The rotation mean changing partner but vidic should remain in defences in case of injuries
    And final rooney we are bless that we have w.rooney in man utd and you know well what rooney can do. We all fan love him.
    Fellaini he will take little time to adapt and then he will become regular just like carrick.
    All the best moye for champion league match and i hope to see these player which i have mention.
    As united big fan i don’t want united to lose such match but i understand you don’t know the player very well.

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