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The genius called Denis Law

The genius called Denis Law

By Mark Weasley

There is a stature that is hard to miss at Old Trafford. Affectionately called the “United trinity” consisting the likes of Denis Law, Bobby Charlton and George Best, the trio were part of the United squad that dominated English football back in the 60s, a period that culminated in us winning our first European Cup in 68, against a spirited Benfica side led by the legendary Eusebio.

Of all three, Best was most adored due to his utter brilliance and charisma, Charlton was respected given that he was a club legend that came through the ranks while Law had an air of mystique and mystery around him.

The Scotsman had made his name for our bitter rivals, Manchester City but came back from an ill-fated spell in Italy to join our team, who were slowly starting to return to our sizzling best after the Munich disaster of ’58. Law scored tons of goals for us in total 237 goals in 404 matches, and is forever remembered as one man who gave his all for our glorious club, despite scoring the goal that relegated United at the end of the 73-74 season.

Now 77, Law lives a quiet life, enjoying his life with his wife, Diana with whom he has been married to since 1962. Law played for Manchester City in the 73/74 season, scoring the only goal that relegated his darling United, a goal he still regrets till the day, but knows he couldn’t have done anything about as if he had failed to score, it would have been unprofessional of him.


The signs of decline started in the early 1970s as a persistent knee injury affected him, but his genius can’t be swept under the carpet. Here was a player that played for our crosstown rivals, scored the goal that relegated us and still holds a huge place in the history of our great club as only Charlton and Wayne Rooney have scored more times than the Scotsman.

Our current crop of players can look up to names like Law for inspiration and one day, they might have their names immortalised in bronze.


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