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The Greenhoff Column: Manchester City And Chelsea Damaging The Game


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  1. kev123

    “CITY ARE only interested in buying players for high amounts” what a load of Rubbish.
    they are currently investing a billion pounds in there academy to do exactly the opposite to what your saying.get your facts right before you start waffling on

    1. Alphie_Izzett

      It’s around £100m Kev not a billion, the total expenditure buying and developing all aspects of the club including the Academy is around £800m which is around half what the Glazers value Manure at so despite all the hand wringing, fairly good value I’d say especially when you look from whence City have come and where they are likely to be in 5 years.

      1. kev123

         your right it is only £100 million,i got carried away reading the tripe from Greenhoff !

        1. heavyriffs

          What, Chelsea were saying similar things about academy investment five years ago, what are you waffling about?

    2. grayfield18

      @kev123 The purchase of the land was £100m so the investment in the land must be a fairly large amount, but nowhere like a £1bn.
      I was going to point out what tosh Greenhof had come out with but as lots of others have done i won’t. As we have an English Scottish Welst Irish and NI FA surely Ferguson is in that sense a foreign coach too !!

      1. Alphie_Izzett

        @grayfield18  @kev123  Wrong Grayfield, the land cost very little, it was heavily polluted with industrial chemical waste. The cleanup has cost around £10m so far and the existing planning consent for 400 low cost houses and no services on the site would have maxed the value at rather less than the cost of the cleanup.  This is why it has stayed undeveloped for decades. Although the site was near valueless to a developer it had a premium for City due to location and size, so clearly a price was paid but it would have been no more than a modest sum of a couple of millions or so. Had the cost been what you suggest, with the clean up it would have valued each house plot without services at £300,000 – I think not :-)Alph

        1. grayfield18

          @Alphie_Izzett  @grayfield18  @kev123 Not wrong i a sad to say. The land cost considerably more than you suggest not least because rather than being covered in housing there were a large amount if businesses on them, remember the stories about the Rag who wouldn’t sell ! The purchase of those businesses had to included compensating them for moving rather than just the cost of the land. I am also wrong in that in 2010 the club itself signed a £1bn agreement with the council for the development – it won’t all be being paid for by the club but the majority will.
          It’s illogical to base a value on potential re-sale of the proposed houses as this is a completely different project. a new house is by rule of them the cost of the land, the cost of building and the profit, I agree these will not be £300k houses, but equally you cannot extrapolate the cost of this development fro the cost of houses, nor work backward fro my figures. A simple google search produced articles fro the club in a variety of places outlining the clubs £1bn agreement btw

  2. Mathew

    No club in world football is currently investing more in their academy than Manchester City. Was Greenhoff drunk when they interviewed him for this drivel?
    Oh, and as for the salary cap. Let’s try that in the Premier League, and see how long it will be before every single player of the current Man Utd squad is playing abroad.

      1. heavyriffs

        You seem to be the font of knowledge on all things nited and city. So you’ve had Evans and welbeck, is that it, are those your world beaters? Cleverley stolen from Bradford, the Chaplin twins from Brazil?
        Who cares if we’ve had players cone through since the takeover, the difference is the investment is being made and we have a bumper crop coming through already. Whereas in Pogba, Morrison, Fryers, you couldn’t even retain your most promising youngsters, buy why would you mention that eh. Just keep polishing your red glasses and towing the party line. For the record, Greenhoff is a biassed buffoon, you run him a close second.

  3. Josh555

    Is it not unfair to carry a huge debt and still be able to buy players? It would be refreshing if any ex-rag said something unbiased for a change

    1. Yolkie

      @Josh555 The difference is that United have generated the revenue where City have been gifted it. If you don’t understand that much…

        1. baggio

          @heavyriffs  @Yolkie  that would be terribly inconvenient for him. all he needs to know is that un!ted have ALWAYS been the richest and best supported club in the world and have earned every penny they have ever made EVER! fact is, they wouldn’t be where they are today, or maybe even in existence, if it wasn’t for assistance from city in the thirties.

      1. Salford Blue

        @Yolkie  @Josh555
         And did you lot not have a financial helping hand back in the day, or does your memory only stretch back to 1993?
        When Ferguson spent millions and signed all those players in 1988/89 like Pallister, Bruce, etc were you then calling for financial equality then?

  4. fat baz

    Yes Brian you talk a lot of sense just look at all the kids who have come through the ranks over the last few seasons at old trafford like Rooney,Ferdinand an co.The list of graduates is endless must make you really proud, and of course when fergie retires you will no doubt be straight in for big sam,fucking retard.

    1. Yolkie

      The Brazilian twins (if you can count them as youth products, they are classed as such under the PL rules anyway), Evans, Cleverley, Welbeck. Giggs and Scholes are still in the squad, and Fletcher would be too. It’s not an endless list but when four of our best performers this season have been youth products I’m surprised you say what you did..

      1. grayfield18

        @Yolkie united have got players through youth would be silly to say otherwise but Giggs trained at City !!
        United have had their sugar daddies to get them where they are as well just now globally well markeed to keep them profitable it is a pity for football that it pays the owners a £100m a year.

  5. Alan ha

    ‘Football should be run on an equal footing’ what like in 2001 when Utd were paying £28m for players? Near enough doubling the transfer record? What a plank you are greenhoff!

  6. baggio

    foreign managers? i thought roberto martinez was spanish? and where would wigan be without dave whelan. quite embarrassing that, brian.

    1. Yolkie

      @baggio “There are managers like Roberto Martinez at Wigan who are run really well and try and do things the right way” That’s clearly a point to say that some do it the right way. Quite embarrassing indeed!

      1. baggio

        @Yolkie indeed you are. anyway, please define ‘the right way’ for me. is it taking what was, not so long ago, a non league club and investing millions of pounds to propel them into the premiership?

  7. TameSidBlue

    Rags normally talk garbage but when they leave Old Trafford, the crap that they talk magnifies 10 fold
    Greenhoff, what a joke

  8. Gate_13cfc

    Blah blah blah,
    I have not heard anything new coming from any of the “last Buzby babes” or anyone associated with that era and other era’s from 80’s,90’s etc etc…..spouting about what should and shouldn’t be done in football. Apart from of course the one and only flagship straight as an arrow football club…gazier fc.
    Typical northern tripe served up by differant generations of old school players, the glaziers and the other hipocrites in the red half of Merseyside. I suppose at least glazier fc are still winning league titles and not just talking about 20+ years ago when the title last stood on the sideboard of the “boot room”
    Best regards
    Gate 13

  9. Dukinfield blue

    What a crock of nonsense yet again spewed by a player who wasn’t fit to lace the boots of today’s modern athletic professional player.
    Man Utd has broken the transfer record constantly and spent more money in real economic terms than anybody while being in debt to the tune of around £1 billion, is that financially fair? yet this clown wants to make you believe that Utd are some sort of romantic club with its mythical academy and sensible spending.
    Greenhoff, you were an overweight pisshead as a player and your attempt at biased journalism is equally woeful and pathetic.
    I’d get back to what you are good at mate and that’s being a no mark with no intelligence and no standards just like your universally hated scum club.

  10. johnny crossan

    What a crock of s***e , it’s funny that since the arrival of money first into Chelsea and then into City it’s suddenly bad for the game. Has he forgotten the money spent by Utd over many, many years on players ?
    Veron , Ferdinand , Ronaldo, Rooney etc who all cost fantastic amounts of money and broke transfer records at the time , not to mention the 350 million of debt , but of course the same rules dont apply to the mighty reds do they ?
    Clubs should be allowed to spend what they want if they can afford it, thats been the way for the rest of business so why should football be any different ,all these self righteous critics are just worried that someone else will take food from their table , it’s all about self preservation not the good of the game so why not just be honest and admit it ?

  11. talksense

    Baconface is a foreigner, he comes from Scotland you prat, as for Giggs he`s a great example to youngsters, shags his brothers wife and tries to to keep it a secret, spineless bastard.

  12. JenniferLogan

    Dukinfield blue 
    I have to agree,even as a non Man U or City or even Chelsea fan for that matter.It does seem ridiculous that an ex man U player should comment on other club’s spending when his own one are in massive debt aren’t they? I just get the impression that United sympathisers want everything to themselves,and no-body should impinge on their desire for glory.
    Rather like the school bully,wanting it all their own way.As for his comment of “a level playing field,who is he kidding?

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