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Unfinished Business


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  1. wheelbarrowjim

    Great article, but I do think we also need a new centre half to play alongside Evans, who I believe is highly underrated. Rio is past his peak. Vidic, while still capable of great things, isn’t the player he was and seems to get injured quite a bit. Subotic would fit the bill, and he speaks perfect English so would settle quickly in a position where communication with your keeper and defensive partner is key.
    The midfield situation is glaringly obvious. Carrick, while a decent player isn’t world class. Cleverley should stay at the club, he shows flashes of brilliance, but is too inconsistent at the current time. Anderson is a waste of wages, along with Nani and Young. Ryan Giggs is a legend but past his best, it’s heartbreaking to see him strolling around the midfield while the game passes him by and he was never a central midfielder to begin with. I can’t see us getting a top class midfielder without paying big money though. Kagawa and one from Cleverley and Jones in the middle from now until Carrick gets back is our best hope at the moment.
    Baines would be a awful choice, I can’t see him as a United player. Luke Shaw, who you mentioned, would be a better fit but Southampton don’t seem to like doing business with us. That said, I love Evra and would hate to see him leave the club.

  2. SimonBourke

    wheelbarrowjim Do you not think Jones and Smalling are capable of playing centre half for us? Personally I’m happy enough to see those two and Evans fight it out for the two positions once Rio & Vidic finish up.
    The idea of Kagawa playing centre mid is an interesting one, would give us much more creativity but could he be relied upon to track back and dig in if needed. 
    Agree about Giggs, I sigh inwardly every time I see his name on the teamsheet. There’s gonna be a huge fuss about him reaching 40 next week but the fact remains that he should have retired at the end of last season as he simply can’t do it anymore. Even saying that feels like treachery though!

  3. wheelbarrowjim

    SimonBourke SimonBourke Smalling and Jones are decent enough, with potential to be great, both are still learning their trade and most centre halfs don’t show their full potential until their mid twenties. If Vidic gets a bad injury again and misses a few mionths or more I don’t think they are ready for the responsibility of starting every game yet.
    I do think Jones may end up as a centre midfielder, I know he wants to be a centre half, but he looks a natural midfielder at times. His work rate is second to none and seems happy to play wherever he is asked to without complaint. He was exceptional against Arsenal.
    If Kagawa has a player like Jones beside him in the middle he doesn’t need to put as much work in defensively because that would be Jones job. Kagawa will pick up the ball from his defenders and dictate the play. He’s one of the most creative players in the league, as good as Mata in my opinion, but putting him on the wing is a sin.
    Moyes seems to be spelling out for the last few days that Giggs will start today as it’s the first, and probably last time he will ever get a chance to play in his home town for United. I hope to see Rafeal back in the team as soon as possible too.

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