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United: Where Are We? How Did We Get Here?

Where are we, what is this place and how did we get here?

They have messed it up. The owners, the managers, the players. All must take their share of the blame. Suddenly what felt like an empire that would last for a hundred years appears if not over, then horribly broken.
It is not as if we were not warned. It took only six years from winning the European cup in1968 to fall from the stars and be relegated. Matt Busby’s retirement signalling a fall from grace that mirrors worryingly today’s calamitous events.

The very latest humiliation, the 4-0 hammering at the hands of league three MK Dons, leaving United supporters speechless, angered, numb and ultimately, simply bewildered at the lack of character, talent and effort shown by those supposedly playing for the red devil on their shirts.

Instead what was witnessed will go down in the annals of Manchester United’s history as one of its darker nights. 6000 away reds a class apart from the shambles they sang their hearts out for on the pitch. If the Old Trafford hierarchy still had a modicum of human heart they should refund all who travelled. But in reality there is more chance of Blue Moon finding its way onto the Old Trafford song list.

So where do we go from here?

How do we pull back from the abyss and return to the hierarchy to renew battle with Chelsea, Manchester City Arsenal and Liverpool? Only fifteen months ago if somebody would have claimed United would give their right hand for fourth place I would have laughed. Not anymore. This place we have come to. This dark hole of mediocrity means previous notions of champions league finals and a 21st title have to be put aside for now, whilst a sense of normality can be restored.

Because make no mistake about it. At this moment Manchester United are not so much falling from grace but falling apart. From top to bottom a general apathy appears to have taken hold amongst the players, whilst in the hierarchy a buying policy erring beyond erratic is occurring. The £60 million acquisition of Angel Di Maria is a wonderful buy. A lightning fast, skilful and incisive left sided player and a much welcome addition to the squad.
But still the elephants in the rooms remain in the shape of a world class centre midfielder and centre half. To not have yet sorted this is now nothing short of negligence.
But you have heard this before off me and thousands of others United supporters who simply cannot believe or even comprehend this ridiculous long running saga is continuing still.

The blame game: The Glazers, Ferguson, the players?

All share responsibility but top of the list a family whose takeover of United back in 2005 was in my opinion the worst thing to happen to Manchester United since the Munch air disaster. Never in terms of lives and personal loss and tragedy but in regards to the cataclysmic effect of their financial carnage wreaked upon the club.
Countless millions of pounds lifted from the Old Trafford coffers for the Glazer’s personal use and funding of their many other businesses that seem to have the lifespan of a travelling bible salesman in Iraq.

As for Sir Alex Ferguson, legend incomparable, beyond reproach by all it appears, but also the man who so nearly lost his kingdom for a horse. Greed and pride normally the last embittered qualities of a man, great or not before a huge fall. And the ludicrous decision to appoint David Moyes as his successor an act of blatant self- indulgence that could well stain his legacy.

The players? Words fail the size of the list of those whom it has to be said have been found wanting when their club and supporters really needed them in hours of desperate times. No need for names we all know. A lack of effort, desire and blood red passion. Shame on them all…..Welcome to United 2014. A new world. Hopefully Louis Van Gaal has the answers but for me the questions remain.

Where are we, what is this place and how did we get here?


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  1. pjch

    Good article and as you say blame has to be shared. For the life of me why would SAF leave the club with the players he did. For years everybody was saying that we needed strengthening in midfield but silly comments like ‘no value in the market’ has seen a club with the stature of United become a laughing stock after the Moyes era and now 2 defeats at the hands of clubs that in the past would have been beaten out of sight. Maybe now with money released and players being bought to strengthen the team we might at last get back to a position we held for so long. Unfortunately years of neglect may have the effect of United taking some years to overcome

  2. Mac

    Excellent article; just wish something could be done about the Glazers.  The other thing that concerns me is LvG might be tempted to walk away cos it must be extremely frustrating being the United manager at the moment!

  3. steven stone

    LVG will stay the course but you are right, the man will be seething at the level of players at his disposal. SAF is massively to blame for the squad being in the shape its in and to top it off he picks a manager that at best got to the group stages of the champs lge and lost an fa cup final with Everton, you know who in talking about. I for one have massive belief in LVG and if he can get a quality DM and one maybe two centre half’s then we will be in Europes elite come may if not then im afraid its another seventh place maybe worse. Can i just say our fans are out of this world

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