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The Week That Was: A Greek Tragedy


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  1. DaveEllis11

    philgatt MikielGatt TalkOfTheDevils it wasn’t a good performance at Palace. Only difference – Palace didn’t take chances and we got a pen

  2. philgatt

    DaveEllis11 Compared to most games this season? It was pretty good, and United could have won by more. MikielGatt TalkOfTheDevils

  3. DaveEllis11

    philgatt MikielGatt same performance. Without the pen I don’t think we would have scored. Look past the result and we were still poor.

  4. philgatt

    DaveEllis11 Yeah, ok. Let’s be negative then. Rooney sliced the ball and scored. Van Perise hit crossbar instead of scoring. MikielGatt

  5. MikielGatt

    DaveEllis11 philgatt The negativity of some people defies belief. Life’s far too short to be negative. You gotta enjoy each day.

  6. MikielGatt

    DaveEllis11 philgatt We are Manchester United fans. We are privileged. These “bad” days will make all the good ones more enjoyable.

  7. DaveEllis11

    philgatt MikielGatt not negative just saying what I saw. The Greek tragedy was no surprise or a dip. Just more of the same.

  8. DaveEllis11

    philgatt MikielGatt games we have nicked one and clung on. Mostly we haven’t and when the panic has set in the defence crumbles.

  9. DaveEllis11

    MikielGatt philgatt we all knew it would be tough after Fergie but the squad we have are capable of better. Maybe not the best but better

  10. DaveEllis11

    MikielGatt philgatt I expected some lean times but I don’t want to see my club become Liverpool and that’s where we’re headed.

  11. philgatt

    DaveEllis11 Pulis has made Palace a hard to break down side, so doubt United would have beaten them if they had been that bad. MikielGatt

  12. philgatt

    DaveEllis11 I do agree with you on how bad things look though. This reminds me of L’pool too, when Hodgson was in charge! MikielGatt

  13. DaveEllis11

    philgatt MikielGatt nothing against Moyes. He was my choice for manager and my assessment is based purely on what I see. He looks lost.

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