Will Manchester United Give in to the Exorbitant Demands of Tottenham for Gareth Bale? | Manchester United News

Will Manchester United Give in to the Exorbitant Demands of Tottenham for Gareth Bale?


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  1. tony

    If you think that web reports – without any quotes or names mentioned – that Spurs have given Manchester United an asking price for Gareth Bale then you must be very stupid.

  2. Archie

    If spurs were to sell its well within there rights to ask what they like for Bale. If united don’t like it then they can go elsewhere. I can’t see levy selling to utd and fergie after the way the scottish fool has behaved over carrick and berbatov deals!!!

  3. BainsXIII

    tehTrunk I like that they seemingly accidentally fell across a good joke by constantly referring to his Tottenham wages as compensation.

    1. tehTrunk

      BenMcAleer1 BainsXIII I just like that age old reaction of ‘Spurs want money for their best player?! Should be happy with what we offer!’

      1. BenMcAleer1

        tehTrunk BainsXIII ‘over five years, his asking price has inflated 10 times what they paid Southampton in ’07’ so, six years?

  4. bazspur6

    tehTrunk knowing fergie he will try his best through tapping up and offering us shit players. levy will destroy him on bale.

  5. Mike_Gulliver84

    tehTrunk What gets me is the shock that they can’t get what they want. “How dare they not bend over and take it!”

  6. tony

    This is utter bilge, the origins of this story were a piece on the blog site Goal.com. Since when do they produce believable stories. Anyone who knows the way that Levy operates will see through this bollocks straight away. First Levy doesn’t quote prices for players he wants to keep, very few clubs do. You will never find a single price quoted from Levy when Modric and Berbatov were both pursued, two years in a row. Second Levy has pledged publicly to Spurs supporters with a statement on the official club website, that he will never do business again with Man Utd, after the Berbatov affair. So why would he quote a price? Far easier and more logical to say bugger off!!!!!

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