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Write For Us

At RetroUnited.com we regularly put the call out for new writers for the website via our Twitter page. We decided to make the change and post a permanent page on the website listing information about the possibility of writing for us.

We have a number of opportunities at present for aspiring writers or just supporters wanting a platform to get some thoughts off of their chest. Of course there are some conditions – usually, articles we post should be about Manchester United, and a good standard of grammar is expected too.

We welcome strong opinions, even those that are unpopular can normally expect to find an audience as long as the argument is well rounded and well articulated. We welcome passionate and even clouded-by-bias opinions and while we tend to promote support for the club wherever possible we have been known to allow articles critical of the club too. By permitting an open platform for individual opinions, we therefore do not seek to have a ‘collective’ voice or see ourselves as a collective fan-base with an opinion that is ‘better’ than others, and we try to discourage potential writers from posting in this manner.  We embrace the difference in opinion that runs through the mind of football fans. In understanding that, we celebrate the individuality – our writers may challenge and divide with their opinions, but we do not profess to be the oracle, united or divided.

Writing for RetroUnited.com gives a unique opportunity for anyone wanting the opportunity to build their writing portfolio. We enjoy the benefit of a good relationship with some media outlets thanks in part to the extra exposure we create by virtue of having regular contributions from high profile former United players.To have your writing showcased alongside the opinions of former United stars is an opportunity only RetroUnited.com is able to offer, which is a huge advantage in a professional sense and even if you’re only writing for the fun of it, is something that’s pretty ace. Our writers regularly feature on BBC, CNN, Sky, TalkSPORT and international media.

Whilst not in a position to offer paid positions or pay per article at present, we are able to offer other incentives to our writers such as (but not limited to) occasional free match tickets and signed memorabilia. Such rewards can be random or allocated on merit depending on level of contribution. This is on a rolling basis so that it’s not always the most senior writers who benefit. Additionally, a number of people associated with RetroUnited.com in the past have benefitted from other opportunities that have opened up to them as a direct result of working for the website, including paid writing positions and opportunities and high-ranking positions in the clubs’ international supporter operations.

While we are fairly open minded about posting the contributions we receive there are obviously ways to make yourself stand out – we accept and credit one off contributions, however, if you would like to be a regular writer for the website, we would hope for an article every one or two weeks at a minimum. If you have a concept for a column, that is advantageous, though we have a number of existing ideas for features and columns that we consistently put forward to our writing team.

Additionally, we must stress that all content on RetroUnited.com is original and we will only accept original work. A good standard of grammar is expected and your submission will be assessed on that as well as the originality and interest of your writing.

In anticipation of the 2015/16 season we are specifically looking for the following – retrospective and history articles, match reviews and previews for the first team and reserves, and opinion pieces. We are exploring expanding our formats and adding a second podcast and video channel. If you have experience in either of those fields, then please get in touch. If you are an author with a book on the club due to be released in the following season, please contact us – in the 2014/15 season our promotion helped to establish two releases connected with the website as Amazon best sellers.

If you are interested in submitting a one-off contribution or wish to become a regular columnist on RetroUnited.com, either submit your article or send an email explaining a little bit about yourself and if there are any particular passions you have or like writing about (match previews, reserves, statistics etc) to mail (@) RetroUnited.com. We endeavour to reply to all who submit but it is not always possible.